At specific events around town, Danielle and Bobby set up our story wall. Event attendees fill out note cards with “one-liners” – short stories that fit with the story themes. One-liners can be as short as a word or as long as the note card allows. It is a fun way for audiences to participate in Orlando Story Club, even if they haven’t attended a show!

One-liners are a huge part of Orlando Story Club live shows. Between each randomly selected storyteller, our hosts read the one-liners to the audience. They are completely anonymous and fit with the selected theme of the evening, allowing all storytellers and story listeners a chance to participate.

Example one-liner:
Theme: What a Mess!
I woke up to find my toddler holding a pair of scissors and a handful of hair. It was my hair. Who knew I could pull off bangs?

Previous story wall themes:
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What a Mess!
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Do you want us to set up a story wall at your next event?
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