What is it?

The Orlando Story Club builds community by sharing stories. Monthly events of laughter, food, drink, stories and supporting causes.

The event starts with a guest storyteller.  This is usually a prominent member of the community who has a specific talent or passion that connects to the theme of the night.  Every show has a different theme.  Anyone who wants to tell a story can put their name in the story hat.

Stories should be 5 minutes or less and they should be true (according to the teller).

Before the show starts 5 names are drawn out of the hat and those 5 people get to tell their story before intermission.

During intermission the hat is open again so that 5 more stories can be chosen when the show continues.

At the end of the show, a 1st, 2nd, and 3rd prize is awarded to the best storytellers as decided by 3 sets of judges recruited randomly from the audience.


In January, 2016, The Abbey and the Downtown Arts District of Orlando joined forces to present 12 wonderful new shows. The Orlando Story Club has built up a loyal and ever expanding following. People from all walks of life have embraced this opportunity to get on stage and tell their story to an appreciative audience in a festive and fun atmosphere while helping build their community.

How it started:

After participating in The Moth, filmmaker and storyteller Robin Cowie (Blair Witch Project, Exists) came home to Orlando and said, “We need this here!”

And so The Orlando Story Club was born. The first event held at Orlando’s East End Market in March 2014 was a standing room only smash hit.

Subsequent events were held at Orlando Museum of Art, Enzian Theatre, Timucua Arts White House and number of Orlando area venues, each time raising significant funds donated entirely to local charities.

Our Sponsors

The Orlando Story Club arranges storytelling events for the enjoyment and benefit of our community. All proceeds go to a different designated local charity which changes for each event.

The people who make this possible are our sponsors.  We are very grateful to: The Abbey, the Orlando Downtown Arts District, and the design firm Laughing Samurai for their terrific support.

Want to become a sponsor? Contact us!  Want to become a volunteer? Contact Us!